Yours truly is presenting at this year’s php|works 2008 conference in Atlanta, GA.  The talk is entitled: “Optimising The Front-End Using YSlow And PHP In A Continuous Integration Environment.” (I prefer the Queen’s English in this case.)

Now, I’ve never even attended a conference of this size, much less presented at one.  So this will be interesting to say the least.  I’m filled with a range of emotions ranging from trepidation to excitement (which is true of most of the things in my life of late.)  I also hope to meet some of the PHP bloggers I read regularly.

But I feel ready.  I gave this talk in April to OINK-PUG.  The one for this week is virtually the same.  Then, for practice, I also gave the talk to the Columbus and Indianapolis PHP meetups in the last two weeks.

Slides for the talk are in the next post.