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Coding In A Startup

The Center of Innovation program at the College of Applied Science at UC aims to show seniors that their choices for employment upon graduation is not limited to Fifth Third, Kroger’s, and Great American Insurance (not that there’s anything wrong with those fine companies).  The program also aims to show them that, in a region full of marketing, design, and business talent, there is serious need for young technology talent with an entrepreneurial bent.  For those who might want to take the plunge, the program also outlines business skills and resources they’ll need to complement their technology skills.

This is a great thing, and kudos and support goes to Andy Erickson and Dr. Hazem Said for their work so far.

This past Tuesday I gave a short talk to students in the Innovation Seminar series in CAS at UC about what’ it’s like to work in a startup from a coder’s point of view.  I talked about transitioning from a cubicle farm job to a startup environment, the nature and pace of working in a startup, and the tons and tons of learning that is inevitable.

You won’t get a lot from these slides without the narrative, but I post all my talks here so I thought I’d post this one.

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Coworking In Cincinnati

A coworking trend is sweeping the nation and I am involved in bringing it to Cincinnati.  I don’t know if I’ve ever undertaken something that requires so much time and effort outside of my day job before (except for Zipscene, which subsequently became my day job).  But we’ll take it slowly and see where it goes.

One of the most successful and respected coworking space (from what I have gathered on the interweb anyway) is Independents Hall in Philadelphia. Fortunately, in true coworking spirit, they have done a great job of blogging about their progress and I have been leaning heavily on it as a resource. 

But enough of that for now.  I want to save some of this for the Cincinnati Coworks blog itself, whenever I get around to setting it up.

Some other coworking resources.